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Best of the Internet for Genealogists 19 March 2000

We've got some mighty talented folks out there, teaching, learning, sharing and growing the set of online resources available for genealogists. I'd like to draw attention to the following sites this week:

You'll love this part of Ancestry's site! When I visited today, I selected the state of Connecticuit and was given about 25 paragraphs including addresses, phone numbers, web pages of important resources. Its here that you'll read:

"Connecticut is a state-land state. Lands were generally acquired from town proprietors or from other individuals. The Connecticut General Assembly had first jurisdiction over the colony and established town proprietors to meet and make decisions regarding community life in the town. Land was then divided and sold in lots. Registration of deed transactions in Connecticut, including the purchases from proprietors, was the responsibility of the town clerk. Deed books are found in the town level of jurisdiction rather than the county, and are generally indexed individually."

Kimberly Powell just started coordinating this web site. Stop by and take a peek! Its amazing what she's managed to put together in a short period of time. A great place to keep an eye on!

This page displays:
-- Ancestry Daily News articles (in brief)
-- databases of the day
-- maps of the day
-- Ancestry Quick Tip
-- HEADLINES from elsewhere on the net!

I put 'headlines' in CAPS because I'd like to draw your attention to this portion of the page! I try my best to keep up with what's going on out there on the net where genealogy is concerned, but is nearly impossible! has someone (wonderful) working on just that -- searching the net to give you a clickable listing of the latest genealogy news items, and recent noteworthy articles. That Headline Researcher is none other than online genealogy author Elizabeth Powell Crowe. Bravo!


Thanks to for telling me about this offering from the Tennessee State Library and Archives: 


Patrick Hays has been busy filling in the gap between one state and another. "Migrations was conceived on February 8, 1999 when I coded the first Migrations pages for Custer and Fremont Cos., CO and Hancock Co., KY, which were modeled on the VAGenWeb Migrations Project. There had been a gaping hole in this area of genealogy, and I figured somebody should do something about it. From there, within days the Colorado and Kentucky state Migration pages were coded with the idea of linking up all of the states and making it nationwide."


"The maps included in this web site are from the book "A School Atlas of English History" ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner, M.A. LL.D. It was printed in London by Longmans, Green, and Co. in 1892."

From the Genealogy Forum NEWS March 2000 

This article is a prime example of how we should transcribe (word-for-word) those documents we've collected on our ancestors. Notice that Genealogy Forum Chat Hostess GFSBeri made a distinction between the original document, and parenthetical comments which were specifically designed not to detract from the original. As more of this sort of source documentation is put on the web, combined with our pre-1900 pedigree charts, communications with new cousins will become easier! THANKS GFSBeri for showing us how!

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