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Barbour Collection - Microfilm Essential!

From: (Charlotte Kennedy)
I agree the Barbour Collection is an excellent Vital Record Collection. I have been using it for more then 20 years to research my family who all lived in Connecticut from 1640 to 1825. 

I would like to point out that the Family History Library has this entire collection on microfilm. The film that can be ordered from the Library [through local Family History Centers] comes in 2 different sorts of data.:
1.  By Town then By Surname (all typed)
2.  By Surname then By Given Name 

This second sort is very valuable if you do not know the town in which your  ancestor lived.

One more big difference that I have seen between the Barbour Collection [...] published by 
GPC and the microfilms, is the listing of the Volume and Page number of the town record 
where the event is recorded. With this Volume and Page number I have able to order many certified copies of these records from many of the town clerks. I doubt I would have gotten these copies with such ease if I had not had this Volume and Page information.

I think it is great to get the entire collection for your local Library but I also believe you 
need to check the microfilm copies and also use the surname sort to aid in your search 
of the Barbour Collection of Connecticut.


Thanks for your input regarding the Barbour collection mentioned in Friday's column titled "An Open Letter to the GSS Acquisition Committee: Barbour Collection." 

It might behoove our society to notify the local family history centers (FHC) of the purchase of the GPC (Genealogical Publishing Company) books for the library. This would serve to coordinate research assistance. For instance:

1. The FHC might make note of the Barbour collection microfilms, and post a notice that the GPC books are available at the local public library.

2. The local society might place a special bookplate in the front of each Barbour Collection book (with the library's permission) referring the researcher to the FHC microfilms.

3. The local society might present a 5-minute workshop at an upcoming society meeting describing the new collection, and the connection with the microfilms at the FHC.

This would serve to accomplish the goal shared by the library, society and FHC to assist researchers in finding evidence of their ancestors.

An "author" search this morning of the Family History Library Catalog online at: lists the microfilm collection of Lucius B. Barbour which is at the Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Connecticut. There are 98 films in the collection, so one would have to order the general index film that covers the surname being researched, if, as you've noted he is unsure of the town where the ancestors once lived. 

The catalog lists index entries such as:
General index Aa - Alk FHL US/CAN Film 2887 
General index All - Andr FHL US/CAN Film 2888 
General index Ands - Az FHL US/CAN Film 2889 
General index Ba - Bale FHL US/CAN Film 2890 

The index of records by township are preserved on 17 films as follows:
Andover - Burlington FHL US/CAN Film 2967 
Canaan - Cornwall FHL US/CAN Film 2968 
Danbury - Ellington FHL US/CAN Film 2969 
Fairfield - Griswold FHL US/CAN Film 2970 
Groton - Hartford FHL US/CAN Film 2971 
Hartland - Killingworth FHL US/CAN Film 2972 
Lebanon - Lyme FHL US/CAN Film 2973 
Madison - Montville FHL US/CAN Film 2974 
Naugatuck - Newtown FHL US/CAN Film 2975 
Norfolk - Oxford FHL US/CAN Film 2976 
Plainfield - Prospect FHL US/CAN Film 2977 
Redding - Sherman FHL US/CAN Film 2978 
Simsbury - Sterling FHL US/CAN Film 2979 
Stonington - Thompson FHL US/CAN Film 2980 
Tolland - Washington FHL US/CAN Film 2981 
Waterbury - Wethersfield FHL US/CAN Film 2982 
Willington - Woodstock FHL US/CAN Film 2983

For more information about the Barbour Collection, see the Connecticut State Library's "Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records" prepared by the History and Genealogy Unit, 11-96.

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