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Native American Records

This just in from Dennis Partridge at

This is just to touch base with you and let you know of a major addition to our Native American Records section, as well as retouch with you what we have available, in case you wish to mention it to your visitors.

All information is readily available directly from: 

Our latest addition:

Dawes Enrollment Cards Index - Final Rolls 1898-1914 
AccessGenealogy has come to the front in 1991 for Native American
genealogy records and data. Our latest addition to the site only
continues our commitment to the Native American genealogy community.
Added to our website this week are the Dawes Enrollment Cards Index -
Final Rolls 1898-1914. Though we've had images online our site for over
a year now providing access to a very basic index, we now provide more
in depth information in our new text database. The data now includes
name, sex, age, blood degree, census card, roll number and miscellaneous
information for each applicant. Almost 300,000 individuals are listed in
these rolls.

Recent Major additions also include:

1896 Applications (In progress) 
Applications from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muskogee Area Office,
Relating to the Enrollment of the Five Civilized Tribes under the Act of

1880 Cherokee Census 
This is a transcription of the index for Schedule One and will include
all nine districts.

1871 Shawnee Census 
Register of the names of members of the Shawnee Tribe of Indians who
have moved to and located in the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory,
(prior to the 10th day of June, 1871).

Native American Rolls

Cooper Roll ~ 1855 
Index to Final Roll ~ 1889~1914 
McKennon Roll ~ 1889 
Wallace Roll ~ 1890 
Kern Clifton Roll ~ 1897 
Guion Miller Roll ~ 1909* 
We also offer lookups on many other rolls not presently found online... 

Native American Census

Some Names on the 1832 Creek Census 
1835 Cherokee East of the Mississippi Census Index 

We also have at the website these datasets/articles/books for Native
American Research:

Tribal Migrations East of the Mississippi, by David I. Bushnell, Jr. 
Four maps provide Tribal movement of the Muskhogean, Siouan, Uchean,
Iroquoian, ALgonquian, and Caddoan.

Notes on the Creek, By J. N. B. Hewitt 
A look at the way life used to be in the Creek Nation.  Subjects
covered: Marriage, Crimes, Government, Education, and many more.

Native American Land Patents 
A listing by state and tribe for Land Patents issued by the government
to Native Americans

How to Search 
A guide to searching the Native American Rolls.

Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes 
Great little stories based on the authors visits to the tribes and
friendship with them

The Town Register 
The Sokokis Indians, later known as the Pequawket tribe, were the
earliest known inhabitants of this region.

Indian History of Winneshiek County 
An account of the Winnebago Tribe of Indians who lived in Winneshiek
County. The Winnebago tribe is the fourth group of the great Siouan, or
Dakota, family.

My Native American Nations 
Our online community, which we invite all readers to participate by
providing links to your pages, suggestions, and comments.

Tribes and Nations of Canada 
An alphabetical listing of Canadian Tribes by Province

History of Cherokee Indians ~ Bios 
with links added to the Cherokee Genealogies

History of the Cherokee Indians ~ Genealogy 
By Emmet Starr, Genealogy section 

Indians of Chicago 
The Illinois, Miami and Pottawatomie

Massasoit, Great Sachem of the Wampanoags 
Great Sachem of the Wampanoag Indians, 1620-1661, who, by his friendly
disposition towards the whites, and his faithful observance of his
treaty obligations to them, has earned the undying gratitude of

Choctaw Claims 
English names listed on the 1831 "list of claims allowed under the
treaty in Mingo 's district".  No Chatah names have been listed. These
are "persons that have relinquished" (their land).

Indian Chiefs I Have Known 
The first selection in our Native Kids section!

Cherokees of the Smoky Mountains, From the Papers of Horace Kephart 
Complete book on line

Indian Children Put In Service ~ 1676 
Copy of a paper endorsed, "A List of the Indian Children put to service
that came in (to Boston) with John of Packachooge; presented To the
Honorable Gen Court for their Confyrmation, etc. By the Commitee
Appointed for ye affayre." The document of which this is a copy, is in
the autograph of the Hon. Daniel Gookin. - Editor.

The Choctaw of Bayou Lacomb, By David I. Bushnell, Jr. 
Complete book on line

Muster Roll of Ha CubBee Band 
Muster roll of a party of immigrant Choctaw Indians of the Ha Cubbees
Band who arrived at Fort Coffee, in the Choctaw Nation West, on the 23
of June 1847

Muster Roll of Big Black River Band 
Muster roll of a party on immigrant Choctaw Indians, known as the Big
Black River Band who arrived at Fort Coffee, in the Choctaw Nation West
on the 10th of June 1847

Memories of the American Anthropological Association, Notes on the
Caddo, by Elsie Clews Parsons. 

Albuquerque Indian School 
Photographs of the Albuquerque Indian School, which was established in
1881 to provide
off-reservation industrial training to the Indians of the Southwest. By
1912, the school had 8 primary grades and over 300 students; by 1925
enrollment increased to over 800 students and grades 11 and 12 were
added. The Albuquerque Indian School continued operating until 1982,
when its program was transferred to the Santa Fe Indian School.

Field Survey Heart Bute District Backfeet Indian Reservation, Montana

And much much much more... So much more, we often forget what we already
have online!!!

Native American Links and NaNations are sections of a website devoted to bringing individuals free online data for their genealogy research. 

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Daily Genealogy Columnist
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