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Ancestor Photo Submission Checklist
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Our word for today: provenance

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Pronunciation Key (prv-nns, -nšns)
Place of origin; derivation.
Proof of authenticity or of past ownership. Used of art works and antiques.

So, dear readers, perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks? I am hoping for your help now.

I've been working with a local genealogy society as webmaster. Our goal is to place copies of member's ancestor pictures, with short biographical sketches, on the society's website. The project has had several entries so far. You may view them at: 

We thought this would be an interesting way to honor our ancestors, especially since only one or two people in the group can do web page design at this point. I have a wonderful liaison person who gathers the digital images and bios via email and forwards them to me to put on the website.

This project has been well-received by the members. However, of the last six entries, 3 were unable to be used at this point. Why? They were not in .gif or .jpg file format. In fact, though I have Paint Shop Pro and Photo Shop Elements, I could not open the .pfs or .dat files. I believe the .pfs files are related to the scanner or digital camera of the submitter. The .dat file sounds more like a genealogy file than a photo file.

GOAL #1:
To prepare an easy-to-follow "Ancestor Photo Submission Checklist" to facilitate communication with the society's webmaster.

GOAL #2:
To provide a method for the descendant to submit the ancestor's photo in readable format, with enough identifying text to establish provenance, describe family relationships, and tell the story of the people or objects in the image.

GOAL #3:
The webmaster will create a meaningful tribute to the ancestor using the digital image and text provided by the submitter, and upload the new page to the society's website on a timely basis.

I spent some time thinking about this wonderful project and came up with the following list of items to include when submitting photos. DO YOU THINK ANYTHING ELSE SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE LIST?

Ancestor Photo Submission Checklist

1. Submitter's Name:

2. Public Email Address:

3. Private Phone Number (Not to be included on the website, but to be used only if the webmaster has a question during the creation of your ancestor's page.)

4. Name of Photo File:
(All submissions must be in .gif or .jpg format. Do not worry about resizing, as our webmaster can do that.)

5. Size of original photo:

6. Is this the original frame?

7. If the picture includes people, how are you related to the people in this image?

8. Provide names of people in the picture, indicating their positions in the image.

9. If the picture is an object, please describe it, and how it relates to your family history.

10. How did you obtain this image?

11. Is this a copy of an original held by someone else? If so please indicate the original owner and location.

12. Did you find this image online, or through a mailing list or message board? If so please describe the process.

13. Are there any inscriptions or imprints on the front of the image?

14. Are there any inscriptions or imprints on the back of the image?

15. How did this photo come into your possession?

16. Can you identify the photographer or studio where this photo was taken? Perhaps there are logo imprints on the front or back of the image.

17. When was this photo taken?

18. Where was this photo taken?

19. What stories from your family are associated with this image?

Ol' Myrt here needs to finalize these suggestions, and send them to the society's website liaison for consideration. Thanks in advance for your input. How's that for role reversals? No, seriously, you all teach me so much by your questions and readers' feedback. I know I've forgotten something on this "Ancestor Photo Submission Checklist." If you've got a suggestion, let me know.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt      :)
6023 26th Street West PMB 352
Bradenton, FL 34207

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