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Questions for Personal & Family History Interviews
Amended 3/10/2005


How about these leading questions when writing your personal histories? Can you think of 5 OTHER good questions? I'd like to see this list really grow!

1.Share a childhood memory of a favorite family outing or event.
2.Tell about home cures remedies from your youth.
3.Tell about the type of home you had, where did you play as a child, and things like that.
4.Did your family go to church. If so, tell how you felt about that.
5.Tell about the chores you had to do to help out at home.
6.What was it like as a teenager dating, dancing, and going to the movies. What was popular at the time?
7.Did you or your spouse join the military? If so tell about that
experience. Where was the service?
8.Tell about your grandparents. Did you know them? What were the stories handed down about them?
9.What did you father do for a living?
10.What did you mother do?
11.What personality traits characterized your father?
12.What personality traits characterized your mother?
13.What did your parents tell you about you as a child?
14.What were your most favorite and least favorite subjects in school & why?
15.When you grew up and left home, did you roommates? Just what did you learn from the experience.
16.Do you remember going to the library, skipping stones, playing jacks, the great depression, blackouts, the Salk Polio Vaccine and the civil rights movement?
17.How did you meet your spouse?
18.What did you admire about him/her?
19.Describe your wedding.
20.Where were you the day they bombed Pearl Harbor?
21.What were you doing the day President Kennedy was shot. How did you feel about this?
22.Where were you on Sept 11th?
23.Tell about the birth of your children, and how each grew.
24.What is the best part about being a parent?
25.What family traditions did you try to carry on to your own family?
26.What new traditions did you start with your own family?
27.What is your favorite scripture or quotation?
28.What do you want your children and grandchildren to know about you?

3/10/2005 MORE Questions for Personal & Family History Interviews

-- Who was the first President you remember? Who was the first President you voted for?
-- What kind of car did your parents have when you learned to drive? Who taught you to drive?
-- Do you remember the first funeral you went to? Did the family have the body at home or at the funeral home?
-- What did you think about the United States dropping the bomb on Japan?
-- What were holidays like at your home? Did you go to grandparents house for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas? Did everyone come to your house for those holiday meals?

From: Carolyn Busch
-- How about what did you wear to school? Was there a dress code?
-- Did you have a favorite outfit as a teenager and what was it like?
-- Was there a Prom, did you go and what did you wear?
-- If a female, do you remember stockings, garter belts and the invention of panty hose?
-- Is there some songs that have been handed down in the family ?
-- What was the evening meal like, who cooked and what was cooked?

From: Dolly Ziegler
-- When did you really start tracing your family history? Why? How?
-- What places -- libraries, historical societies, graveyards -- have you been led to by your interest in family history?
-- Did your family live in more than one place, did you attend more than one school? Tell about them.
-- What did you (and/or your spouse) do in the world of work? One business for 40 years, or several different jobs? What did you enjoy, and why?
-- What automobiles has your family owned? Describe them, what do you remember about each one?
-- When did you get your first computer? What was it? What was your reaction?
-- Briefly describe any health conditions that have had a major effect on your life. How have you coped with these? (If interviewing a family member -- make this the next-to-last question.)
-- What made you happy at each stage of your life? What makes you happy now?

Happy family tree climbing!
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