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20 Dec 2005 DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour

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Won't you join me in this very special Christmas broadcast? My special guest is, of course, a certain Mr. S. Claus, who hails from the North Pole. He has some great ideas for genealogists, and I am sure the mere sound of his voice will delight the little ones in your family.

This has been a hard year for many -- with loved ones passing on, and wars and rumors of wars, and the terrible devastation of the the tsunami, several hurricanes and earthquakes. With the turmoil of bombers and arsonists trying to force their political beliefs on others, there seems to be a lot of confusion and mistrust.
But there is also a lot of good in the world. There are families who love and care for each other. There are neighbors who help those less fortunate, those who need help with shoveling the snow of their driveways and side walks. The newspapers don't report the stories of big brothers who watch out for their younger siblings at school. Where are the reporters and cameras to document each act of kindness that spreads joy in the world? Isn't it really these little acts of kindness -- the little things that matter most?
Ol' Myrt here can think of the many blessings she has been fortunate to receive this year including the recovering health and strength of my daughter Carrie.  And there is a very special gift -- to have three of my daughters, Tammy, Stacey and Carrie and their entire families together at my oldest daughter's house in North Logan. My son-in-laws are taking time off, and we'll have a week to spend together -- grandchildren and all.
BELIEVE me, we're going to make an event of it... On Christmas eve, they'll get to open 1 present (which always happens to be new PJs, then, we'll gather in the front room, with all but the Christmas lights dimmed. Then we'll read the Christmas story from the New Testament, followed by our traditional reading of Dr. Seuss' THE GRINCH who stole Christmas. Then the little ones will hang up their stocking, and we'll sit back and snuggle singing our favorite carols. Before long, the children will be nestled all snug in their beds... well, you know the rest. But during the week, you can be sure ol' Myrt here will be taking lots of pictures. I can hardly wait to show off our medley of "sound of Music" songs during the talent show on family night. Each of the grandchildren, singly or in pairs will also do their part during the 'show.  There will be more cookies to bake, and snow sledding, and fort building. Returning home, there will be the hot chocolate to make, and swizzle with peppermint sticks.
It makes me so happy to have us ALL together at this time. Aren't I a lucky grandma?
Well, I know that I cannot make it better in the distant parts of the world, but I can influence my immediate family for the good. I will do all I can to share the spirit of Christmas with one and all.

Neat Christmas Links I ran across this year:


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Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt      :)
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