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21 March 2006 DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour
Genealogy Podcast

The edition of DearMYRTLE's FAMILY HISTORY HOUR genealogy podcast is available for you review 24/7. Myrt's guests and topics this week include:

Saving old letters & identifying old photos "In your heart of hearts, you know you have been entrusted with this ancestral treasure, and must do what you can to preserve this wonderful collection for posterity. Carefully unfold these letters, and place them inClick to find out more about Jay's book. sheet protectors, since continued fold/unfolding will speed up the aging process. What if an ancestor's wife's maiden name is written right across one of those fold lines? Perhaps it is the final sentence in a paragraph simply describing day-to-day life experiences." Myrt offers some concrete ideas for preserving letters, and refers listeners to for uploading unidentified photos.

Jay Speyerer, from Legacy Road Communications will talk with Myrt about writing techniques discussed in his new book The Stories of our Days: Writing Your True Story Using Techniques of Fiction.  Copyright 2005, 120 pages. ISBN: 0-9764729-2-9. This is also available in CD and e-Book format. Ol' Myrt thinks you will appreciate Jay's relaxed style and sense of humor that come shining through during this interview. This carries over into his book, making the writing process very doable. explains "Jay Speyerer has been a speaker and an educator for more than 25 years, successfully helping people achieve their goals in English, writing, editing, media communication, and presentation skills. Having written short stories, screenplays, essays, and articles, he has conducted many fiction-writing workshops, has had screenplays optioned, and has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. Jay's book on memoir writing, The Stories of Our Days, is now available in hard-cover, trade paperback, spoken word CD, and e-book editions."

MightyMouse Tour  Whatever do we do with those very long URLs -- the ones that break into a second or third line in your email? Copying and pasting is sometimes difficult, or the page may have moved. In the article Saving old letters & identifying old photos , Myrt found 2 resources on the web, but the web addresses were very long. Several readers had difficulty clicking through on the link in email, because of the line splits. Yes, there services that provide a TINY URL, but then if someone reads Myrt's column, things aren't decipherable either.

 You can go to the root of the address and then search.

Confused by Boolean search terms or the use of wild-cards and 'single quote' marks when using Google? In response to pleas of help from John T. and Susan this week, Myrt revisits Google's "advanced search" options.


From the BookShelf

  • JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. From the publisher we read "The year 2007 marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English colony in America. This year we are releasing a number of books in commemoration of the founding of Jamestown. JAMESTOWNE ANCESTORS, a list of approximately 1,200 persons who are known to have landed or resided there between 1607 and 1699, is now available." 108 pp. 2006 ISBN: 0806317671.


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Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt      :)

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