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Cemetery follow-up: The MYSTERY Shopper
By Guest Author: Terry Grumbles, Sr 

Did you know, in Sunset Valley, Texas there is a cemetery located just north of Home Depot on Brodie Lane? You can find it now. Last August (2005), Amy with the Works Dept, City of Sunset Valley and I were talking about a photo that I had taken for an article that "Ol' Myrt"  was writing.

The opening photo in that article was clouded by a white, foggy spot. It partly blocked out my grandson Michael who was trimming trees. I told Amy it looked like a ghost hovering over the grave of my cousin, Eliza Jane Grumbles.

Amy said that she had heard some ghost stories from the employees at Home Depot, so I went over there and checked it out.

Gregg W., who has been there for years, told me he was closing the garden section one night, putting stuff back in the store when he saw "Fred."

Everyone there calls him Fred.

Gregg saw someone walk around the corner behind a tall rack, towards the store entrance. He walked over there to see if he could help him. That "mystery shopper" was gone.

Kapoof. Gone.

Gregg also told me that one of the police officers of Sunset Valley pulled in the parking lot one night and saw a person walking across the parking lot. The officer shined his spot-light on him.

Kapoof. He was gone. Faded to nothing.

That officer stopped and radioed for help; for someone to come get the officer. He was all shook-up.

If you come to visit the Grumbles Ranch Cemetery, please be careful that you donít run over a "mystery shopper" going to Home Depot, or its old location, where Academy is now. That just might be a Grumbles cousin of mine roaming around.

NOTE FROM MYRT: Thanks to Terry and his family, the Grumbles Ranch Cemetery is being restored. On 15 July 2006, the gravesites were rededicated. Notice the improvement! Where once the underbrush was so thick one could hardly step inside the iron fence, now this group of history & genealogy enthusiasts can easily gather to honor the early settlers of this area of Texas.

Terry told me that some Sunset Valley City officials, including the mayor and the Director of Public Works attended this event and spoke. There were several Grumbles descendants also in attendance.

"One of the descendants, Doris Jean, was working on one of the graves we discovered.  Turns out it was of her father's baby brother, her baby uncle. Learned also the main descendent supporter there, that her grandmother and her great-grandmother had been buried there. Both were descendents of Eliza Jane Grumbles, and Gaenell was descendent of Eliza's daughter, buried there."


Additional note from Terry: "The ceremony we had last Saturday was super.... well attended by Sunset Valley, John D Grumbles descendents, other Grumbles cousins.   Very proud that the younger generation are showing some interest, too.
Sunday 16 Jul marked the 120th anniversary of the Grumbles Ranch Cemetery.  That "Best Sweet Mother," Eliza Jane Grumbles, died on 16 July 1886 and was laid to rest in the middle of the Grumbles Ranch near Oak Hill, Texas.  A few gathered to honor her and to honor the others laid to rest there on the ranch.  She raised about 11 children, two of which are buried with her and John D Grumbles.  Also, her grandbaby, Chester Allen Grumbles, is buried at her head.
Thank you Myrt for helping us share this experience with others.  Best to you and your family.  Blessings to you.
Ya'll, the idea of being re-annexed into the City of Sunset Valley has come up again.  Do we want to petition Travis County to allow us to be within the City Limits of Sunset Valley?  Do you see any harm in that?  Let us know what you think."

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