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Ogden conference also features Chinese specialist

Just got off the phone with Holly Hansen, President of Its amazing how the local newspaper and television stations have picked up on the Northern Utah Family History Conference & Symposium -- to be held THIS WEEKEND. Yes, Ol' Myrt here will be speaking, but I am particularly excited to provide technical computer support to the Chinese genealogy expert. Her name is Sheau -yueh J. Chao.Sheau -yueh J. Chao is Professor/Librarian and Head of Cataloging at the William and Anita Newman Library at Baruch College, City University of New York. She is a researcher in Chinese genealogies and has been working on the field for more than ten years. She has published numerous articles, presented her research at international conferences and is the author of IN SEARCH OF YOUR ASIAN ROOTS: genealogical research on Chinese surnames.

Here's more about the event, which has family history classes and exhibits for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced researchers:

Major Genealogy Event Coming to Ogden, Utah October 6-7, 2006

Have you ever told yourself, "I'd like to learn more about my roots"? The time has arrived and help is right at your door!

My Ancestors Found, a local Utah business, has pinpointed Ogden, Utah as the place to be Oct 6-7, 2006. Family history and genealogy enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the more than 70 classes being offered to help you jump start the process. The great thing about this is and you don't even have to have Utah roots. Presentations for beginning or expanding your family
history have an "International Flare!"

Come learn how to find your African American, American Indian, Chinese, English, German, Mexican, Italian, and/or U.S. Ancestors. Discover more about Migration Patterns, Tracing Ladies, Early Virginia Research, Wagon Trains and Indian Fights, U.S. Civil War Records, Homesteading, Regional Approaches to Research, Tax Records with an Uncommon Value, U.S. Census Records, Early LDS Ancestors, Immigration and Naturalization, just to name a few. Increase your skills by attending the hands-on computer lab and other technology based presentations including: Mailing Lists, Message Boards, Blogs, RSS, and Podcasts; Organizing Computer Files; GPS and the Genealogist; PDAs for Genealogists; and that is only the beginning. Simple Research Tools for Beginners and Learning to Plan a Family Reunion will also be available.

Gain a deeper understanding of major family history collections available to us such as: Records in the Granite Mountain Vault, Digital Family History Collections, Pedigree Resource File;, BYU Library, Ogden Regional Family History Center and the world largest genealogy library - The Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Benefits include learning how to Organize, Preserve and Share your Family History, Write a Personal History, Scrapbook Historical Events, Care and Repair for Photos, Mapping Your Family's History, Search the Web. Presenters are flying in from all over the U.S. from New York City to California!

The Exhibitors will be first class with products and services including Professional Research Assistance from My Ancestors Found, The Genealogical Institute, and Dee's Genealogy Service. Family History Software including: RootsMagic, Legacy, Passage Express, LifeStory, and PAF Insight. Genealogy books, CDs, scrapbooking supplies and gift ideas include: Rootstamps, Generation Maps, Dee's T-shirts, Legacy & Light, GenCharts for PAF, and other terrific stuff for genealogists. Exhibitors are coming in from Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Texas, and Washington, with several local vendors from right here in Utah!

Friday and Saturday evenings enjoy a live production performed in the beautiful Peery Egyptian Theatre. "Remember the Tears" offers original vignettes, music and art telling the stories of tragedy, humor, romance, and triumph of the belated Mormon pioneer companies of 1856. This presentation was written by Jolene Allphin and Sherryl Fowers and composed by Peter and Mary Danzig. For full details about this fantastic event, visit or call 801.829.3295.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

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