We've published the Manasota PAFNews each month we've held a meeting over the years. It finally occurred to us that with rising costs of paper publication, and the fact that all but one of our members are now online we may as well publish the newsletter on a web site. Here are the links to previous issues.  The current month's issue will be activated 24 hours in advance of each meeting. Members are advised to print out each month's issue the morning of the meeting, since the PAFNews articles will be part of the discussion.

May 2004

April 2004 - No issue of the newsletter, instructor/editor not attending.

March 2004 - No issue of the newsletter, no official meeting.

February 2004

January 2004

November 2003 

October 2003

  • FGS/FSGS Convention Report (by Barb Schulz & Pat Richley)
    -- The Master Genealogist (free demo)
    -- Family Tree Maker 11
    -- RootsMagic: (free demo)
    -- The Family History Library (IGI, AF, Census Index & Research Help)
  • Looking to Join a Lineage Society?
  • FREE 500 Brick Walls Offer from Family Chronicle
  • Robert E. Lee Tree Toppled
  • Rare 2-Page Kentucky Document
  • Citing Military Titles in Genealogy Programs by Ed Gaulin
  • New Titles in our Video Library
  • RootsMagic: Finding a GEDCOM File is Easy
  • RootsMagic: Preventing Mistakes in Family Traditions
  • More on Using the 1880 US Federal Census Index at
  • Plans for upcoming meetings

June 2003

May 2003

  • Manual for PAF 5.2?
  • Those Strange "ONCE REMOVED" and 3rd Great Aunt Things
  • Olive Garden Site
  • Genealogy Column to Continue
  • Photo Insertion in PAF 5.2+
  • Share Photos on your TV
  • Library Catalog (we'll have a PowerPoint presentation)
  • Organizing Census Printouts
  • Duplicate Notes & Sources in Printouts
  • GENBook
  • Preserving Your Family History with Multimedia (Video)
  • How's this for a quick look at our country?
  • PAF Insight
  • GEDmark
  • New from our PAF Member-at-Large Chuck FitzGerald

April 2003

  • FL Driver's License Info for $ale?
  • COPY Databases Back & Forth between PAF, FTM
  • STEPS for EXPORTING Genealogy Data from FTM and IMPORTING in PAF 
  • WHY Don't Multi-Media files GEDCOM with my PAF Genealogy Data?
  • Old PAF Databases
  • Printing Only What You Want
  • Neat Links for Genealogists
  • Beginning Genealogy #18 - Research Log
  • Beginning Genealogy #19 - Research Checklist
  • RootsMagic is All THAT for Genealogists

March 2003

  • Soundex Rules & Procedures
  • Courthouse Research is Facilitated by Everton's HANDYBOOK for Genealogists
  • WHY Go Online BEFORE Writing to the Courthouse
  • HOW to Access the Family History Library Catalog
  • What's the difference between a will and a probate packet?
  • Merging DUPLICATE individuals in PAF 5.2
  • AOL: Should I upgrade to AOL 8.0?
  • AOL: What to do if you blocked an E-mail Address by mistake
  • Mail List Tip (from RootsWeb Review)
  • From the BookShelf: A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors
  • Across My Desk: 50 Best Databases featuring April 2003 issue of Family Tree Magazine & FREE magazine offer 
  • Merging DUPLICATE Individuals in FTM 10
  • Upcoming Events

  February 2003

No December 2002 or January 2003 issue.

Nov 2002

October 2002 

  • Printed Report Problems 

  • Truncating Localities Causes Confusion 

  • PAF Lessons: Online & Downloadable

  • MRIN LIST - I can't seem to print it?

  • What is Personal Ancestral File Companion?

  • Why Can't I Print EMPTY boxes?

  • Organization Ideas

  • EASY PAF 5+ Source Citations

  • Computer Clock Getting Behind?

  • Upcoming Events

June 2002

  • CHOOSING SOFTWARE Evening up the playing field
  • OLD GLORY VIDEO by Vane Scott
  • MESSAGE BOARDS Gatewayed to RootsWeb Mail Lists
  • TMG - The Master Genealogist V5
  • SWEDISH RESEARCH Just got easier
  • IN MEMORIUM - We sadly note the passing of Jody Riddick-Sjostrom's husband Bruce passed away on Tuesday. May 21st, at 5 p.m. after an 17 month illness. We send our love and prayers to Jody, our good friend from the Sarasota Family History Center.

May 2002

April 2002   

  • Are you Measuring Up? - A checklist to bring our research up to snuff.
  • Playing it Close to the Vest - Don't shoot yourself in the foot
  • Some Practical Advice Before Jumping in the Game
  • Mail List Subscriber Questions (from
  • Family Tree SuperTools - setting preferences 
  • Sunday Morning Coffee - A Must-Read regarding old photos
  • PAF Viewer for your handheld
  • Radios in Use in 1930
  • 1930 Census & Other Extraction Forms (links)
  • Ancestry's Latest Databases
  • Historical Newspaper Archives
  • Making a Book (FTM, PAF, GENBOOK, GEDBOOK)
  • Our Video Library
  • What's the difference?  Manasota Genealogical Society, Manasota PAF Users Group
  • Upcoming Events
  • Final Word

March 2002 

February 2002 

January 2002 

  • Documentation
  • What's New at Wholly Genes Part III 
    Family Trees SuperTools: Searching & Filtering Tools
  • Managing Computer Viruses 
    Part 2 - Online McAfee
  • Windows XP For Audrey K.
  • Genealogy Supplies (Charts, forms, preservation)
  • Parish & Vital Records List
  • Upcoming Events

December 2001  Articles include:

  • What's New at Wholly Genes Part II
  • Kindergarten Pedigrees
  • Library of Congress' K-12 Web Site
  • Managing Computer Viruses
  • Public Library Sources
  • Volunteer Librarians
  • Windows Tip - Adjusting Your Screen Saver
  • Upcoming Events

  November 2001 

  • What's New at Wholly Genes? (Family Tree SuperTools!)
  • Three FTS Screen Shots - (Family Tree SuperTools)
  • Why I Like to Use Kids' Web Sites in My Family History
  • FamilySearch's Latest, Greatest...
  • NEW Family Search Workbook & NEW Danish Guide First of Many to Follow
  • NEW Scandinavian Vital Records Online & CDs
  • NEW Pedigree Resource File
  •'s Third Subscription Database Collection

October 2001 

  • Breakdown of Regional 1880 Census Index CDs
  • Using the 1880 US Federal Census Index CDs
  • Finding the 1880 Census Images Online at
  • Comparing the Index to the Info on actual Census pages
  • DAR Eligibility Question
  • $2 per minute Tech Support
  • Internet Class at Vo-Tech with DearMYRTLE
  • Family Tree Maker 9.0 Changes
  • PAF 5.1 Changes
  • Upcoming Genealogy Events
  • Manasota PAF 2001/2002 Membership Application

June 2001

  • FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service (statistics)
  • 1880 US Federal Census CDs - We ordered them!
  • Updates Genelines by Rhonda McClure
  • Freedman's Bank Project
  •'s Census Images Online
  • Genealogical Publishing Company's Online Book: Val Greenwood's Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy.
  • Links You Might Like to Visit 
  • Upcoming Local Genealogy Events - including Myrt's Radio Broadcast!

May 2001

  • Ellis Island Family History Center (some screen shots!)
  • Links You Might Like to visit 
  • Upcoming Local Genealogy Events
  • Our New Video Library
  • Everything Online Genealogy Book

NOTE: This is an abbreviated edition due to the recent illness of our editor.

  April 2001

  • Family Archive Viewer
  • BookShelf: Genealogy on CD-ROM
  • Links You Might Like to visit (Genealogy CD Web Sites)
  • Upcoming Local Genealogy Events
  • Searching on the Web from within PAF
  • Free BYU Genealogy How-To Class
  • Genealogy Classes - Tampa, FL FHC
  • Ellis Island Family History Center Opens April 17, 2001
  • Our New Video Library
  • Everything Online Genealogy Book

    March 2001  

Dorinne's Advice about Digital Images
Optimizing Your Computer - Scandisk & Defrag
Neat Links you might wish to visit!
Upcoming Local Genealogical Events
DearMyrtle's Classes
Mail List Roll Calls
Social Security Area Designations
Our NEW Video Library
Everything Online Genealogy Book - ARRIVED!

 February 2001

DNA - Don't Forget
Creating a Pedigree Chart - FTM
Creating a Pedigree Chart - PAF
Upcoming Local Genealogical Events
PAF 5.0 - Finally got it downloaded!
Trouble with 90#
Our NEW Video Library
Scanning Hardware Video
Copy/Paste Using Windows
Citing Your Source When Copying & Pasting 
(e-mail, electronic newsletters & web sites)
FHDG: Chapter 4 - Source Examples PAF
The Laminated Pedigree Chart
Everything Online Genealogy Book

Links you might wish to visit:

AOL 6.0 - Some folks are still having trouble printing!

HotMail - Myrt just got it because you can communicate with folks
instant message a buddy - from anywhere on the internet
chat with buddies - from anywhere on the internet
place free long distance calls anywhere in the US - using a computer mike & speakers

FTM Family Tree Maker Latest Version (Upgrade includes a free desktop calendar)
For a limited time, save $10 and get a free calendar when you upgrade to Family Tree Maker 8.0 — This practical calendar comes in its own case and features nostalgic photos for each month of the year. The historic photos and images that decorate each card will remind you of your family research year-round. Offer valid while supplies lasts.

PAF Personal Ancestral File 5.0 - Genealogy Program & Users Guide (Your editor just got it downloaded today!) "If the download is interrupted (that is, lost phone connection), you will need to return to the download page to begin the download again. You may want to bookmark the download page with your web browser in case you decide to download other files later. The Personal Ancestral File 5.0 User's Guide is in the Adobe PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later to view."

TMG The Master Genealogist Deal (20% off to Ultimate Family Tree Users)

TMG Version 4.0c Update Available (Still rated #1 of top 12 genealogy programs)

UFT Ultimate Family Tree - Discontinued by

January 2001 Articles include:

DNA & BYU - What Do These Initials Have in Common?
Dorinne Campbell's Wrinkles or Not? (Photo Editing)
Anna Morgan's Challenges of Sending Photos to Non-AOL E-Mail Addresses
Chuck Fitzgerald's Dilemma Which ISP Should Snowbirds Use?
Linda Smith's Mac Does GREAT Book Publishing!
Upcoming Local Genealogical Events
PAF 5.0 - What's New?
PAF-5-USERS Genealogy Mail List
PAF 5.0 - One New User's Views
We had planned to discuss GEDCOM import (appending, merge file report) but we're holding off on this because of new PAF 5.0 upgrade.
FHDG: Chapter 3 - PAF Source Template Guidelines (holding off until we get PAF 5.0)
Explanation of Probate
ManasotaPAFCam - Hazel Pangburn's Got Her Methods!
Myrt's Book is FINALLY Here
PAF Video: Alan Mann - Intermediate

December 2000 

ManasotaPAFCam - Why Barb Can't Join the UDC under Hamilton K. Moore
FHDG: Chapter 2 - How to Create Source Entries in PAF
Feeling Overwhelmed? 
Consider the Reliability of What You've Found 
True Identities, Not Forced Lineages
Some Errors are Unavoidable
PAF Video: Adding Names in Pedigree View & Inserting Special Characters
Transcribing Calendars & Journals
Ultimate Family Tree
Getting a Photo from a web site
Putting a Photo on a Web Site
Genealogy Research Suggestions - Massachusetts
Changes in SourceGuide's Research Outlines

  November 2000

ManasotaPAFCam - Jim Foy
FHDG: Chapter 1 - Notes & Sources 
National Archives Increases Copy Fees
Silver Platter Award - Netherlands Research for Kathy Zagman
Working With Photos
Match/Merge after importing GEDCOM files - PAF, FTM
Why/How to use both PAF and FTM/TMG/FOW/GEN, UFT
PAF Video: Pick Lists
Getting From Genealogy CD to Marriage Record 
Using FamilySearch's Family History Library Catalog (a continuation previous article)

October 2000

Importing a GEDCOM File - PAF
Challenges of PAF Global Search & Replace
PAF Video - Overview 
Importing a GEDCOM File - FTM
What's New in FTM 8.0?
Interview: Enticing Family Members to Come to Reunions 
What is FHDG?
FHDG: Chapter 8 - Data Entry Guidelines for Names
FHDG: Rules for Good Documentation 
Research Gone Awry

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