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Beginning Genealogy
About these Lessons
by DearMYRTLE 1998

Each  year thousands of people discover the joys of tracing their family history.  Its one of the MOST popular hobbies (albeit obsessions) in the country.  Your e-mail reflects the challenges you are facing.  Sometimes your questions are very specific, and often overwhelming to beginning researchers who might read one of my columns.

To make things easier for real beginners, I have created this special area which will hold each article in succession.  So check back each Thursday look for the next installment.

May I suggest that you print out a copy of each article and keep them all in a folder or notebook for easy reference.  All you have to do to accomplish this task is:

  1. Click on the desired lesson (to open it up, so you can read it.)
  2. Be sure your printer is turned on!  (That's one I forget from time to time!)
  3. Tap the PRINTER icon on your AOL or web browser button bar.
  4. Then click OK, to send the information from your computer screen to the printer.

Voila!  You have a printed copy of the lesson!

I look forward to hearing about your progress -- the joys and triumphs as well as the challenges.  Indeed, family history can be fun!

You can DO this!

Myrt     :)
Daily Genealogy Columnist


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