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Click to order JOY OF GENEALOGY.  

DearMYRTLE's newest "big book" is chock full of real-life source documents from Myrt's personal research to help you see what's out there to prove family relationships. Perfect for family historians who want to learn more about the research process. Great resource material for genealogy instructors!

Order the book directly from the publisher:

Table of Contents

278 pages, illustrated, 8 1/2” by 11” paperback. (c) 2006. Optional hard bound version available by special request.

  • Who is DearMYRTLE?
  • A day in the life
  • Genealogy Research Plan form
  • Ancestor Summary Sheet

 Games People Play: Make mine genealogy
 Getting Started

  • Family group sheet
  • Pedigree chart
  • Birth, marriage & death records

 Getting Organized Won’t Hurt

  •   So what is quick-filing?
  •   Document preservation

 Choosing Genealogy Software 

  •  Why get it digitized?
  •  Mac & Windows genealogy software
  •  Entering Dates
  •  Entering Names & Alternate spelling
  •  Adopted children
  •  Artificial intelligence software
  •  Anti-virus, adware and firewall software

 Previously compiled genealogies

  •  Beware of inaccuracies
  •  FamilySearch
  •  Ancestry’s World Tree
  •  RootsWeb, the oldest free genealogy website
  •  USGenWeb
  •  Other websites
  •  Fishing for Ancestors

 Internet 1: Indexes & Scanned Images

  •  Examples of online indexes with links to online images
  •  Examples of online indexes where you have to find the original images elsewhere
  •  US Federal Census Indexes & online images
  •  PERSI Periodical Source Index
  •  1881 British Census
  •  Scanstone project at the Family History Library
  •  5,000 printed family history books
  •  Ellis Island

 Internet 2: Message Boards & Mailing Lists
 Internet 3:  Country Sites

Internet 4: History, Religious & Ethnic Sites
 Internet 5: Using Search Engines
 Courthouse Research

  • Finding the local courthouse
  • Wills & probate records
  • Autopsy reports
  • Voting records
  • Nationalization (courthouse, INS & USCIS)
  • Land records
  • Other courthouse records
 Churches and Cemeteries
  • How to determine which churches were in the area when your ancestor lived there?
  • If your ancestors lived in England (a case study using Phillimore)
  • Bishop’s Transcripts
  • If your ancestors spoke with an Irish brogue
  • What type of records to expect
  • Why your ancestor may not be found in church records
  • Cemeteries

Archives, Libraries and Family History Centers

  • National Archives
  • State Libraries
  • Public & Private Libraries
  • Local Histories in books
  • Family History Centers
  • Planning a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City 

Getting Concrete Evidence
Semi-Techie Stuff

  • Have you BLOGGED today?
  • Read DearMYRTLE’s Columns  via (Everton’s Genealogical Helper Magazine, blog, website, Ancestry message Board, RootsWeb mailing list)
  • Listen to DearMYRTLE’s FAMILY HISTORY HOUR (podcast)
  • Genealogy & history podcasts: A growing list
  • Something my own daughter didn’t understand

Q & A

  • Where to Insert Source Citations
  • Incomplete Copies of Official Records
  • Celebrating the Town’s 150th Anniversary
  • Revolutionary War Troop Movements
  • Old book provides insight on legal terms
  • Why we need the complete not “selected’ records of Civil War Pension files
  • Indexitus
  • Determining Book Lists for Family History Centers

Pulling it all Together

            A. Standards for Sound Genealogical Research
            B. Guidelines for Using Records Repositories and Libraries
            C. Standards for Use of Technology in Genealogical Research
            D. Standards for Sharing Information with Others
            E. Research Outlines from

 Suggested Booklist

US $34.95 plus shipping & handling
Order the book directly from the publisher, it is available at:

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